Techno & Hard-Techno DJ

80% Techno 20% Hard-Techno

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Frédéric Heim chose his style for the alchemy of funky, pumping sounds and hypnotic rhythms, the result of which is a mix of pure energy.

He discovered the universe of "rave party" and "Love Parade" on TV in the mid 90s, finding these new sounds on the radio listening to House, Trance, Techno and Hardcore mixes.

Self-taught, he launched into mix in 1997 and took ten years to perfect his style to achieve his own musical identity.
After having started with mix, he then moved on to techno music production, resulting in the creation of his own home studio and a new musical adventure…

Principal events (under his old dj name DJ BPM) :


PARKHAUS (Kenzingen-Allemagne), LAITERIE (Strasbourg-France), MANGACORE (Strasbourg-France), LE GRILLEN (Colmar-France), BISTROQUET (Saint Dié-France), WARM UP (Selestat-France), SUNSHINE (Drusenheim-France), L'ELASTIC BAR (Strasbourg-France).